Association of Family Therapy, Annual Conference

I’m going to the AFT Annual Conference next week in Dunblane, Scotland. I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and colleagues and meeting new people. The plenaries and workshops are always engaging and useful. Here’s the flyer for the event:

AFT 2017 Annual Conference in Scotland

Date: 14 September 2017 (13:00) – 16 September 2017 (16:00)
Venue: Dunblane Hydro Hotel
Location: Scotland, UK
Type: Conference
Branch: AFT Scotland

AFT Scotland are delighted to invite you to the 2017 AFT Annual Conference set in the ideal location of Dunblane. Dunblane is a beautiful town located at the entrance to the Scottish Highlands and has easy access by rail and road to Glasgow and Edinburgh.
The name Dunblane comes from dun meaning fortified hill and Blane a missionary – and subsequently saint – who came here in the 7th century.
The conference will be hosted at the Dunblane Hydro. The Hydro was opened in 1878 and was originally a Victorian health spa. Previously guests would come to drink the local spring water and take part in a range of hydropathic treatements. ‘Taking the waters’ became a fashionable trend which was believed to cure a range of ailments including rheumatism, alcoholism and depression.
Perhaps the story of the waters powers to treat ailments has reduced over time but we remain confident that the presentations, workshops and general ambience at this conference will have a positive impact on your well being resulting in an improvement in mood and an overall re-energising of mind body and spirit!

The title of the conference is Wide Open Spaces: Working creatively and staying connected. We have chosen this title in part to reflect the geography of Scotland. Whilst Scotland may be famous for its scenery, waters, mountains, Irn Bru and whisky the geography of Scotland adds perhaps a different layer of context to consider. From working systemically on the Island of Orkney to working systemically in the East end of Glasgow there will be many similarities but also differences that are important to consider. It is not unusual to find a family therapist in Scotland whose closest family therapy neighbour is over a days travel away. Our aim is to create a conference that allows systemic practice across diverse contexts throughout the UK to come together. To create connections across the time frame of family therapy that highlights the connections between older and newer developments. A particular focus is on creating a context that allows systemic practitioners from all stages of training to feel welcome and to celebrate the important contributions that all levels of systemic practice can have.
We can confirm that Peter Rober, Alan Carr, Ben Furman, Reene Singh, Arlene Vetere will be presenting at the conference, together with Jackie Kay,the new Makar and national poet for Scotland on Thursday evening.