AFT Annual Conference 2015

I’m planning to go to the Association of Family Therapy‘s Annual Conference in Canterbury in September. This will be my fifth year of attending – it’s become an annual fixture!

I really enjoy meeting old friends and colleagues and making new connections. The workshops and plenaries are usually excellent and help keep me up to date.

On top of that he conference sometimes takes me to great places I haven’t been before – Liverpool last year and Canterbury this.

The them of the conference is: Peace and values – connecting spirituality, systems thinking and activism

The organising committee say:

For many centuries the historic City of Canterbury has been at the heart of religious, social and political intrigue and activism. Canterbury has also been an important centre of literature and narrative; from Chaucer’s epic “Canterbury Tales”, as the birthplace and schooling of Shakespeare’s contemporary, dramatist Christopher Marlowe and the setting for TS Eliot’s ‘Murder in the Cathedral’. We warmly invite you to join us as we go the heart of systems thinking; the understanding that all systems are inter-connected, have both a secular and spiritual quality and often require an activist approach to inequality within and between them. We offer an opportunity to explore meanings for the families we work with as well as the relevance in our own lives.

The Kent Organising Committee warmly welcome you to attend and would like to encourage you to look at the programme and the workshops we have on offer. They welcome all systemic practitioners, regardless of their philosophical, spiritual or religious beliefs, extending an invitation to consider ways in which their practice can be responsive to the spiritual lives, struggles and resources of those with whom they work and the communities and cultures with which they identify. AFT members and non-members are also invited to take part.

Keynes College is a perfect venue, but we are delighted that our opening presentation will take place at Canterbury Cathedral with the Dean of Canterbury and Mark Williamson from Action for Happiness. Transport will be provided for delegates.

I’m looking forward to it all!

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