Family Therapy for Couples

Couple relationships are often where we find meaning, nurture, love, affirmation and opportunities and also where we sometimes struggle most.

Peter is experienced in working with couples having relationship difficulties, including:

  • Same sex couples
  • Married couples
  • Cohabiting couples
  • In a significant relationship but not living together.
  • Separated couples

It is when couples struggle and can’t seem to find a way forward that therapy or counselling can be useful.

Usually couples are able to negotiate a shared sense of how to make their lives together work best for them. This shared sense also has to be revisited when our lives change so that it still works.

However major changes such as:

  • Having children
  • children leaving home
  • bereavements
  • changes at work
  • retirement
  • illness and disability

can all lead to crises in couple relationships.

Family Therapists are interested in people’s struggles and strengths within their relationships and so they are well placed to help.

Although there is no typical session Peter helps each person both to express their own thoughts and feelings and to hear and understand their partner.

He has a light conversational style and is keen to try to help people find new ways of talking with each other about their situations.

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