Plans for 2015

One of the real differences between working independently and being employed is that you need to pay much more attention to planning. You also discover what it is that an admin worker does all day! So as part of the process I thought I’d write something about my plans for this year.

I’ve been very fortunate since I began working independently in 2012 in that a key part of my practice has been built on a long term relationship with the Institute of Family Therapy as a tutor on their Agency Based Training Programme. ThisThis has given me a strong basis to build the rest of my work on.

I am working with them to help deliver training to Social Care staff in Derbyshire and Buckinghamshire for most of the rest of this year. The course is the equivalent of the first year of a 4 year Systemic qualifying course. By the end of the year I’ll have taught that 10 times so I’m building up lots of resources and experience.

The ABT training is aimed to help Local Authorities deliver the “Reclaiming Social Work” agenda, underpinned by the Munro report. Essentially it is aiming to help them move away from overly bureaucratic and defensive practices and to focus more on the processes of engaging and working directly with families to improve children’s lives.

As I am both a Social Worker and a Family Therapist this work fits really well with my training and experience.

I’m going to be working with colleagues from Morning Lane Associates: Marilyn Defreitas in Derbyshire and Mark Huhnen in Bucks.I’m planning to write more about the training throughout the year.

I will be continuing my work with New Dawn, which I wrote about in December. We are also planning for me to offer a Saturday workshop on Systemic approaches to the other volunteers.

Later in the year I’ll be going to the Association of Family Therapy annual conference in Canterbury. I’ve never been to Canterbury so I’ve got an extra reason for looking forward to that.

On top of all of that I will also be working to develop my services, part of which will be writing here regularly. It will be interesting to see what I make of it in the next 12 months!

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