Association for Family Therapy – Annual Conference 2013

Hope and resilience in hard times: Couples, families, therapists

19th – 21st September 2013,

The aim of AFT’s 2013 conference is to connect, to build networks and to explore the stories of resistance we hear within and tell about our professional lives.  How do we endure our experiences?  How do we adapt or influence?  How do we celebrate and support areas of flourishing systemic practice?  What inspires and excites us?  What makes us laugh?

I’m going to the Friday and Saturday sessions to hear about the latest ideas and approaches from the usual wide range of keynote speakers and workshops.

I’m also looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. Often the conversations in the breaks or at lunch, or maybe over a drink afterwards are as rewarding as the formal aspects of the event.

AFT’s annual conference is always full of energy and surprises. I’ll there for the key note presentations on 3 models:

  • Presence/mindfulness
  • Love/attachment
  • Story/narrative

by Marcus Averbeck, Chip Chimera and Taiwo Afuape

and for Peter Fraenkel’s address on:

The ways of engagement

I’m hoping to get to workshops on:

  • Couple therapy for depression by Janet Reibstein & Hannah Sherbersky ,
  • Hope as a practice: Creating it with others by  Zohreh Rahimi, Jocelyn Avigad and Jane Fisher
  • Promoting resilience in families through semantic polarities by Valeria Ugazio and Lisa Fellin
  • Exploring power through play by Matthew Selman

I’ll be posting about the annual conference over the next month or so, trying to give a flavour of the whole event, as well as the particular elements I manage to go to.

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